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jeevan and carole

jeevan and carole

Husband and wife Jeevan and Carole are foster carers based in Cardiff. 

the foster family

Carole and Jeevan have been fostering for 5 years. It was friends who inspired them to start fostering. Once they decided to take the first step, their Local Authority team helped them prepare for what fostering would be all about.

“They were very straight about what fostering is really like, but really supportive at the same time. Their training really helped us – they made us believe we could handle it.”

”can I stay here?

At age 9, Jamie joined their family on a short-term basis. Though scared and vulnerable at first, they quickly found a way to start breaking down barriers – making pizza. Then, over time, what started as something short-term became something new.

“I’ll never forget the day he said ‘can I stay here?’ It turned out, through talking with the fostering team in Cardiff that this was actually the best option for Jamie, and he’s been with us ever since.”

a growing family

Jeevan and Carole later welcomed 8-year-old Seren into their home. Her past is a world away from the child she has become with their love and support – happy, safe, and with her unique personality shining through.

“When we went to parents’ evening not so long ago, her teachers told us how she’s come on leaps and bounds, and how she charms them with her personality”

“we have so much fun”

For Jeevan and Carole, fostering means helping children to feel part of their family. It means showing warmth, patience and love.

“There are difficult days, but then we have so much fun and feel so much pride. That feeling is so precious – you just want to bottle it up and keep it forever”

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Our fostering success stories are based on the real-life experiences of Local Authority Foster Carers in Wales. To protect their privacy, and the privacy of the children and young people to whom they provide care, love, and support, all the names have been changed and actors have stepped in to help us tell their amazing stories.

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