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I have the best foster carers ever.

They fostered me since I was 4 til the age of 17. They still see me as their daughter now, and stuck by me, even when I was being a pain in the bum.

coming into care

I was taken off my mum when I was 4 year old.

My foster carers never tried to replace my mum.

They would say that my mum was there for me, but the drug problem just meant that she couldn’t take care of me. And my mum didn’t want me to have that life.

When I was about 14 or 15, my mum went to jail. She would send me notes from prison.

My foster carers would read the notes to me because I couldn’t read. I was always getting excluded from school.

They taught me how to read and write.

a bit of a wild child

I’m really surprised that that they didn’t give up on me.

I was a bit of a wild child, I was always fighting, going into town. If someone gave me a dirty look, I’d hit them. I was always sneaking out to go for a fag.

My foster carers would tell me that I couldn’t be doing things like that. They never had a go at me, but never let me off with it either.

I remember my foster carers sitting in school meetings with me, when I got into trouble.

They’d say that my mum wouldn’t want me going down her footsteps. They’d take my phone off me but didn’t push me away when I played up. They helped me, not reject me cause I’m not their own child.

My foster carers still never gave up and helped me change my life for the better.

through the rough times

When I lost my mum, when she passed away, I had a rough time after losing her.

They tried to help me, but I pushed them away. I felt like I’d missed out on having my mum, I never really knew her.

But they were the only people helping me through it.

a second chance at family life

I see my foster dad as the only dad I’ve ever known.

I’m lucky that I had two mums in my life. They gave me a second chance at family life. Not everyone is lucky enough to get that.

Other kids I knew, they went off the rails, they were in a children’s home, but I feel lucky to be taken into their family home, treated as their own daughter and experience family life.

prove everyone wrong

If it wasn’t for my foster carers, I probably would have had a baby at a young age and still be getting into trouble.

They helped me to change and settled down. They helped me to prove everyone wrong about what they thought about me.

I lived with them for 13 years, and they’ve done everything for me. They treat me like their own daughter, along with all the other children they’ve fostered.

They still buy me presents for my birthday. They don’t need to, but they still do. I still see them all the time. I go every single year for Christmas and they helped me get my own flat.

a better future

I’m now 20 and I’m expecting a baby of my own.

They bought me a pram and helped me decorate the flat. I know they’ll be there for my little girl too, even though they are not her real grandparents, they will love her.

As long as I’m happy they are happy.

we need more foster carers

It must feel weird or daunting introducing a new child into your family, but it’s just as strange for children like me.

If you are thinking about fostering just be yourself, be genuine, and treat them like your own children.

I would love to foster when I’m older.

There’s so many kids going through so much. There’s parents out there who need support, who can’t cope. My mum wanted me to have a better life, and foster carers helped me do that.

When you’ve been brought into someone else’s home, they get to love us, as much as we love them. I’m proud to be their foster child.

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