already fostering?

already fostering?

Foster Wales is about people, not profit. We have a purpose: to support and empower foster carers. To build brighter futures for local children.

You might already be fostering with us. If you’re fostering with your Local Authority, that means you’re part of Foster Wales. We’re the national network of all 22 Welsh Local Authority fostering services, taking in the whole of Wales.

If you’re not fostering with a Local Authority, then transferring to us is easier than you think. Here’s everything you need to know.

how to transfer

It’s simple: get in touch with your local Foster Wales team.

Your local Foster Wales team will see how it fits for you and if you decide to go ahead with the switch, we will do everything we can to support your transfer.

why transfer

Every child who needs a foster carer is the responsibility of their Local Authority. So, it’s not only our passion but our purpose to determine and provide exactly what’s needed – for local children, as well as their foster families.

We empower you to be the best you can be, with expert training and dedicated support. We’re committed to offering the best for the children in our care, and for our foster carers.

Want to join us? Find out more about the support and rewards we offer.

transfer today

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