ways to foster

already fostering?

already fostering?

You’ve already made the incredible decision to make a difference and become a foster carer.

Perhaps you’re already fostering with a local authority in our Foster Wales network, considering moving to Wales or fostering with an independent fostering agency.

Find out what Foster Wales has to offer you. In local authority fostering, we support and value our foster carers, without making a profit.

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benefits of fostering direct

By fostering direct with your local authority, you’ll be part of a team with a depth of insight and knowledge about the child’s journey, local services and schools that is invaluable to foster carers.

Every year around 50 foster carers transfer from commercial fostering agencies to local authority fostering in Wales.

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fostering facts in wales

In just 12 months 1857 children in Wales needed a foster carer (2021-22).

In 70% of those difficult times, it was local authority foster carers who stepped up to help.

We’re the first port of call for all local children who need foster care – children of all ages.

Everything we do is local, meaning that 84% of our children were able to stay in their local area, and stay in their local school.

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I decided 2 years ago to transfer to the local authority. I gradually became disillusioned with my agency which seemed to focus on business and profit

Local authority foster carer in wales
talk it over, decide to transfer, assessment accepted, final decision

how to transfer to us

Change can feel daunting. So transferring to us starts with a chat, no pressure.

Just find out, whether we can offer what you are hoping fostering to be.

Step by step, until you are happy you’re making the right choice.

Cath and Neil

“the local authority are always there for you.”

Cath and Neil began their fostering journey with an independent fostering agency (IFA.) In 2018, they transferred to Foster Wales Wrexham.

This is their story.

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