fostering in wales

working together to build better futures for local children

fostering in wales

We believe in working together, sharing knowledge and building better futures for children – together.

We’re Foster Wales, the national network of 22 Welsh Local Authority fostering services.

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No two children are the same, and neither is the foster care they need.

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how does fostering work and what can you expect?

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As the national network of Local Authority fostering services across Wales, we're by your side wherever you are. Enter your postcode to find your local foster care team.

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why foster?

It’s about making a real difference, right now, to children in the heart of your community. It’s the decision to give something back.

To help you work with us to build better futures for local children, we provide expert training, dedicated support and financial allowances. Find out more here.

story time

real people, real stories

Hear what fostering is really like from foster families around Wales.

common questions

how do you become a foster carer?

how do you become a foster carer? It all starts with this. A message. An...

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will I be paid as a foster carer?

will I be paid as a foster carer? Money might not be the first thing...

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who needs fostering?

who needs fostering? There’s no typical foster child. There’s no typical foster family, either. Each...

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