why foster with us?

why choose us?

why choose us?

Foster Wales isn’t your standard foster agency. We’re the national network of not-for-profit Local Authority fostering services across Wales. 

Why choose us? It’s about choosing purpose, not profit. Foster Wales is dedicated to working as a team with foster carers to build better futures for local children by helping them stay in their local area when it’s right for them.

Building better futures for local children is what we’re all about. It’s what matters most.

Teenage girl wearing a bright green coat, smiling towards an older lady. Another teenage girl is stood behind.

our mission

There are children all across Wales who need us, and need you too. 

They are babies, toddlers, teenagers, siblings and young parents. Their stories are unique, but for every single child our mission is the same: to create a better future. 

Two teenage boys sitting on outdoor decking with a man and woman

our support

We are the complete local support network around you, supporting you and the children in our care. 

Wherever your fostering future takes you, we’ll be beside you every step of the way with all the dedicated expertise, advice and training you’ll need on your fostering journey.

Teenage girl and boy with a man and lady, looking through a telescope

our ways of working

We work together to build better futures for local children, and connection and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re not a distant organisation. We’re part of your community. Part of the fabric of your everyday life.

Each child is an individual with unique needs. Our foster carers are unique too, and our role is to help them be the best they can be by being themselves, making the most of their existing talents and supporting their growth and development with every step.

Lady and 3 young girls leaning over a metal bridge

your choice

Choosing Foster Wales is choosing to work with people who care. People who are trained and dedicated. Real people who live where you do and understand the realities of life in your community.

Find your Local Authority and take the first step today.

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