you can help a young refugee

Every year around 36 million young people are displaced because of conflict and violence. More than 100 of these young refugees will arrive in Wales.

Wales has a proud history of helping those in need and you can be part of this effort too.

Foster Wales needs families who can offer young refugees support, stability, and guidance while they rediscover their independence in a new country.

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who are the young refugees coming to wales?

The majority of young refugees arriving in Wales are teenage boys aged 14-17. They are often fleeing countries where there is war, conflict and oppression. Many come from:
• Afghanistan
• Iran
• Iraq
• Syria
• Sudan
• Eritrea
• Vietnam
• Albania

Young refugee football team

what does fostering a young refugee involve?

Young refugees need stability and guidance while they rediscover their independence. They may need help adjusting to a way of life that is unfamiliar and adapting to a different culture and lifestyle.

Depending on their age, you may need to register them with a local school or college and support them with their learning. You might also need to register them with a doctor and dentist. 


Young refugees will also need lots of support to navigate the formal immigration system. There is support and training to help you with this process.

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how long will they stay?

This will depend on the young person’s age, their ability to live independently and their immigration status.

Whether it be for a week, a month, or a year, your support can help guide a young refugee towards a positive future, giving them the opportunity to learn and regain their independence in a new country.

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what support will I receive?

You’re not alone, we will guide you. With our support, you can give young people a guiding hand to overcome the most challenging of circumstances.

You will receive a payment to cover the costs of the extra bills. The child’s age and level of independence will determine what they need.

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supported lodgings for age 16+

If becoming a fully approved foster carer doesn’t work for you, you could still make big difference by registering as ‘supported lodgings.’

In this situation you’d become a landlord with a lodger – but with less formal care responsibility – and this is often what young refugees are in need of.

We are proud to live in an inclusive and diverse country that cares for all children in Wales.

Young refugees are looking for support, stability, and guidance. You can help them.

As with caring for any vulnerable person, there are some careful checks that need to be done to approve you to provide foster care or supported lodgings for a young refugee. This process can take up to 6 months.

To provide support for a young refugee, contact your local authority fostering team.