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how many children are currently in foster care?

There are around 4915 children currently in foster care in Wales (31st March 2022)

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is the number of children in foster care in wales increasing?

Over the last 5 years (2018-2022) the number of children in foster care in Wales has increased by 4.57%.

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how many children need a foster carer in Wales each year?

In just 12 months (April 2021- April 2022) 1857 children in Wales needed a foster carer.

are more children cared for by local authority foster carers or foster agency carers?

In Wales, in around 70% of new foster placements (April 2021-April 2022) the children were cared for by local authority foster carers.

where are children fostered?

In Wales, 79% of children cared for by private fostering agencies are fostered outside their local area, and 6% are moved out of Wales entirely. Meanwhile, 84% of those living with local authority foster carers stay within their own local area, close to home, to school, to family and friends.

what does looked-after mean?

The term “looked-after” refers to children where local authority social services departments are involved with their family and have a say in their care, but this can cover a variety of living arrangements including:

  • foster care
  • residential care
  • independent living
  • and living with family under local authority supervision.

what age are the children who need foster care in wales?

In March 2022, of the 7080 children looked-after in Wales (see above)

  • 21% were age 0-4 (1455)
  • 40% were age 10-15 (2790).
  • There are slightly higher numbers of boys than girls

Around 70% of children looked-after in Wales are in foster care.

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how many children return home, leave care or are adopted?

In 2022, 650 children previously looked-after returned to family or special guardian (other than previous foster carers). 285 had an adoption order granted. 145 moved to independent living.

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how many foster carers are there in wales?

According to The Fostering Network, there are approximately 3,800 foster families in Wales.

71% are foster carers with their local authority. Around 2700 foster carers, and family and friends carers, are part of Foster Wales.

Source: The Fostering Network

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