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who needs fostering?

who needs fostering?

There’s no typical foster child. There’s no typical foster family, either.

Each child in our care has their own passions and personality. They’ve come from a unique set of circumstances, which have shaped their lives so far. We’re here to make sure their futures are different. Brighter.

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From babies to teenagers, from brothers and sisters to young mums and dads, there are children across Wales right now who need that chance. That opportunity, to step onto a new path. That’s where foster carers can help.

Every foster family is different. Some welcome siblings together, others care for teenagers, and there are also foster parents who specialise in caring for children with unique needs. All sorts of children need foster care. Our role is to support each one. To find the family that’s right for them.


We believe in staying local, and staying together. Maintaining sibling bonds is important to children, so it’s important to us too, and that’s why matching siblings with a foster family, together, is a priority. Building better futures is often about making the most of the important bonds that already exist, as well as forging new ones.


Caring for a teenager means listening, understanding, helping to make sense of the world – and their place in it. It’s about providing stability and security, from childhood and on towards adulthood.

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