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will I be paid as a foster carer?

will I be paid as a foster carer?

Money might not be the first thing you consider with fostering, but it’s an important question to ask us. It’s part of how we support you to provide the best possible care for our children.


You’ll receive an allowance for every foster child in your care, and as a foster parent you’ll also receive an allowance too. It’s about taking care of the everyday, as well as helping create more special memories. 

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There are other benefits besides financial support which will enrich your fostering journey. We look at the full picture: emotional support, learning opportunities and expert guidance too.

It’s not just our time and expertise we give. As a not-for-profit, all our funding goes towards supporting the children in our care and making the foster experience the best it can be. That means 360-degree support. We’re here for you, in any way you need us.

Take a look at your Local Authority’s support and rewards to find out exactly what fostering with Foster Wales could mean for you.

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